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Frequently Asked Questions KISMIF Conference 2018

Which is the timetable of KISMIF Conference?
• Please check here all the important dates of KISMIF Conference 2018 and Summer School.

Which are the Conference fees?
Access this page to know which are the fees of KISMIF Conference 2018 and Summer School.

Which are the guidelines to submit my proposal to KISMIF Conference 2018 and/ or Summer School?
• You can check all the guidelines for proposals’ submission here. A detailed explanation on the process of submission is also available here – “Proposals’ submission: step by step”.

Which are the guidelines for papers’ presentations?
• We do not request a specific presentation, with specific formatting… You have total freedom to elaborate what you think it is better. We only ask you to pay attention to the duration of your presentation, which must have a duration between 10-15 minutes, in order to give time space to the debate with audience.
If you will use some device for your presentation (such as PowerPoint), we would like to ask you to use the English as the language of your writtings, so everyone can understand your presentation even if you speak in Portuguese (remember that in KISMIF Conference you can speak in English and Portuguese).

Which are the technical devices/ equipment available in the venue of KISMIF Conference?
• Each session room will be equiped with one computer, sound speakers and datashow/ image projector. Each room will have also the support of our staff.
• If you will use powerpoint to present your paper, just bring it in a USB device.
• Our computers use Windows and Microsoft Office, so please make sure that your file will be read in Windows and Microsoft Office. Note also please that we don’t have adapters to Apple computers.

Full papers preparation: is it obligatory to send a full paper?
• No. However, if you do not send us your full paper, you will lose the opportunity to participate in our book of proceedings. Please, do not confuse with book of abstracts – if your proposal was accepted to be presented in KISMIF Conference and you pay the registration fees, then your proposal will be published in the book of abstracts.

Which is the deadline for full papers’ submission?
• If you are interested to publish your full paper in KISMIF Book of Proceedings, you have to send us your full paper after KISMIF Conference 2018. At this moment, we are discussing about the deadlines and searching for the best solution for full papers’ submission, so we ask you to wait for more details regarding submission process.

Which are the guidelines for full papers?
• At this moment, we are preparing the guidelines (number of words, etc.), so we ask you to wait for more details regarding this.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?
• You can reset your password by entering your email in the “lost password” area. Click here for further explanations about this.

How can I pay the fees of KISMIF Conference and Summer School?
• All the informations about registrations payment is available here.

I’m searching for accommodation in Porto, do you have any sugestions?
• KISMIF Conference is searching for some Hotels-partners. All the confirmed Hotels-partners can be consulted here.





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